Monday, August 21, 2006

Activism : The Yes Men

This post is about something that might not relate to yoga at first sight, but it is about trying to create a better world...
I discovered a documentary on the net about The Yes Men and I have to say it's very inspiring. Maybe this is already old news, cause it's a documentary from 2003. But it's the first time I saw it and I think it's so funny. It shows that activism does not always have to be too serious. And how something that starts so small, with only a few people can reach many people. And I like the way they try to change the "enemy" from within.

Website : The Yes Men


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yoga Today

What do you do when you have no time or no money to go to a yoga class, but you'd like to do some yoga and you don't have enough experience to do it on your own?

I found a good alternative a few weeks ago. On Yoga Today they have new one hour yoga class video every day. And it's free and it's really nice. It's a teacher with 2 students doing yoga in a beautiful setting outside in the nature. I've downloaded a few of them, and they all seem to be quite good. The only thing missing here, is the contact with other yoga-minded people ike you would in a real class.


My yoga life

Maybe I should introduce myself a little bit in this first post. I'm Lotusgirl. I'm 26 and I'm from Belgium.
About 2 years ago I started to get into yoga. First buying some books to read a little about it, and to try a bit at home.

Then when I was travelling Thailand I got the chance to do a beginners course, and it was really great. It was a small course with only 5 students and 2 teachers for a week. They covered a lot, from asanas to yoga philosophy... And I think it was the best start I could have had.

After that course I did a lot of yoga by myself at home. And when I travelled to India last year I decided to do a teacher training. Not to become a teacher just yet, but to get a bit deeper into yoga. I feel now that I could be a teacher already if I really wanted it, but I do think I should get my body a bit more flexible first, and I want to study more about the philosophy-side.

So I decided that maybe it would be a good thing to start this blog, so I can share with you things that I find inspirational for a yogi life. Maybe quotes from books that I'm reading, or links to websites on the net. Or even about things that at first sight may have nothing in common with yoga, but if we think about it they do...